Award Winning Childcare & Preschool Service in Penrith rated 'EXCEEDING' the National Quality Standards!


Welcome to the most renowned and award winning Preschool & Childcare Centre in the Penrith District. At Bright Stars Kindergarten we are always keen to explore the best avenue possible for your child's education, growth and development. Let us begin by assuring you that with our state-of-the-art childcare facilities, our hand picked team of professional Early Childhood Educators and our unique 'Begin Bright - Early Learning Curriculum' your child is now in the forefront of educational excellence.


We aspire that after leaving our Childcare Centre your child is not only equipped with educational excellence but also rather the self confidence to be able to integrate socially as well as academically in their future schooling years. Yes your child will have an added advantage and a brighter future at Bright Stars Kindergarten.


Bright Stars Kindergarten is a family owned and operated Early Learning and Childcare Service in Penrith. We offer extended hours Preschool and Long Day Care. We are located at 164 Stafford Street, Penrith. We are open from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Call us today to book a tour!




Looking for class leading Childcare can become tiresome and confusing. You now need look no further. Our world class facilities truly set us apart from any other Child Care Facility!


Bright Stars Kindergarten aims to set the benchmark for high quality Early Childhood Education and Childcare. We are constantly striving to excel and increase the bar of standards in our industry. We aim not just to provide the best Early Learning and Childcare Service but also set a standard that others can follow.


We use the most up-to-date and current technology to support our children and we adopt the latest research and best practice in our field to give our children the best possible education, care and start to their lives. We only settle for the very best from our dedicated and committed team of professionals who always go the extra mile and beyond their expected duties.


We strive to motivate and add value to each child’s growth and development and in turn empower them with the foundations for a brighter future.


For quality Preschool and Child Care in Penrith call us today!!! (02)4721 5972



At Bright Stars Kindergarten we pride ourselves in the development of our unique and highly specialised curriculum called ‘Begin Bright - Early Learning Curriculum’. Our class-leading curriculum guided by the Early Years Learning Framework has been developed and designed in collaboration with our professional team of University Qualified Early Childhood Teachers. It is an outstanding tailored program which focuses on each child’s individual needs and strengths, with a specific emphasis on individual personal growth and development.


As part of our Begin Bright - Early Learning Curriculum, families are provided with access to their child's records daily from anywhere through our secure password protected online Parent Portal. For added convenience stay connected through our unique user friendly Mobile App. Families have instant access to their child's Portfolios, Observations, Learning Stories, Daily Journals, Developmental Checklists, Photos and Daily Charts detailing information about their child's mealtimes, rest times, toileting, learning and behaviour.


Our unique and highly specialised curriculum ensures our families are guaranteed their child is given the tools and skills they need to excel and develop. It provides an outstanding foundation for future success in learning.


Now that’s a bright start, for your little bright star!